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Pretty Boy Painter's Clean All


Pretty Boy is an eco-friendly paint cleaner invented by Brian Cooney, a professional painting contractor based in NYC.  

Pretty Boy strikes a critical balance between cleaners and conditioners, allowing quick removal of water-based paints and primers, and leaving brushes and rollers in like-new condition. Pretty Boy keeps paintbrush bristles more pliable for longer, resulting in fewer visible brush strokes.

Field-testing at over a hundred job sites, Brian realized that Pretty Boy was especially versatile. In addition to paintbrushes and rollers, it can be used to clean paint sprayers, paint buckets, paint tools, light plates, or even paint spills across multiple surface types. 

Pretty Boy is the one stop shop for all your paint cleaning needs, the last product you'll ever need.  Cleans 40+ Brushes. Is Eco Friendly. Made by Painters in the USA. Full 8oz.

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