About Us

Paint Life®  is not just a brand, it is a mantra and a way of life personified by professional painting contractor Chris Berry, The Idaho Painter, a man on a mission to Empower, Educate and Equip painters worldwide.

We don’t just sell tools. We sell painting products that increase profitability, make you more efficient, and make you proud to be a painter. Every product that we sell has been rigorously tested by painting contractors and has received the stamp of approval from Chris Berry, The Idaho Painter. We carry tools to remove paint runs, control overspray, make scraping fun, increase your speed cutting in, and many other products that contribute to a more efficient painting process and greater profitability. 

Paint Life® has woven together video content around the products we recommend to help educate painters on how to utilize cutting edge tools for painting contractors to improve their business.

Shop our store of new, innovative and job-site tested painting tools and products and, rest assured, that you will be receiving quality products that will play a pivotal role in increasing your efficiency as a painter. 

If you are a manufacturer or inventor of a product and would like to have your product reviewed and tested by the Paint Life® team and Chris Berry, The idaho Painter, you can reach out to us here: GET IN TOUCH

All products must pass our testing process by top painting contractors and only the best products will qualify to be part of the Paint Life® family of products.