Titan 1140 Review

Titan 1140: Built to Last

When you have been painting as long as I have, you tend to become really particular about the equipment you use on the job site. For me, this is especially true with airless sprayers. I don’t like all of the fancy gimmicks and accessories. These usually mean more maintenance and more trouble than they are generally worth. This is what I like about the Titan 1140 Airless Pump, it is simple and to the point. It has a digital read out, so you can easily monitor your PSI. An on/off switch, pressure control dial, manifold filter, and a prime hose. A place to set your bucket upon transportation, and adjustable handles. The basics.

Another cool feature that this pump has is a self oiling system. In the video posted below, you will see that it’s easy to fill and utilize. 1-2 pumps of the button before use will make sure your pistons stay lubricated. Ensuring a longer life. I have not had to repack any pistons on this pump in the 5 years I have owned it. I attribute that to this feature.

We mainly do residential paint jobs, but I personally prefer big pumps. The bigger pumps can handle larger tip sizes. This makes us more versatile because now we have the ability to spray heavier coatings like block filler. I also like to run a lot of hose. Park that pretty lady in one spot and don’t move her. Work harder, not smarter. With a larger pump I have the ability to run more hose and can work around the entire exterior of a house without having to move it.

She may not be a fancy girl, but she is built to last. I have had her for 5 years now and have not had to replace the manifold filter, or repack pistons. She is still purring along like new. Something I will say about Titan, though, is that they have AMAZING customer service. Last winter this pump froze while sitting in our storage. This caused the transducer to go bad. I called up Titans customer service. No hold. Went right to a representative who sent me a new part for free. Apparently this is a pretty common issue they have, so be aware of that. But also know that if something happens to go wrong, Titan has your back.

Overall, after 5 years of running this pump nonstop on the job, I have to say that I quite like the 1140. It has been an awesome investment and has made me a lot of money over the years. I would highly recommend this pump to anyone who is looking to increase production and elevate their company to that next level.

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