Spraying Cabinets

As many of you know, we have a well developed system for painting cabinets. We use a system where we hang the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, spray both sides, and leave them hanging up to dry. This is how we have been able to paint cabinets in a day and a half, while also achieving that same auto-mobile finish. To watch our original spray rack system, click here.

Well, while we were in the UK at the PDCA this last fall, we had the honor of meeting Kyle, the owner of Paint Line. He took this system of ours and was inspired to create professional equipment to make this system better and more efficient. And thus the Pro Drying Rack system was created.

This system really has taken our old system to the next level. We used to use a mix of PVC pipes, cheap wooden hangers, and ladders to achieve what the Pro Drying Rack can achieve with less. This system is compact and comes in just 3 bags. It is much sturdier than our old system, AND it sets up in just a few minutes. It’s also small enough that we can set it up inside of a spray booth. To watch our video on how to set up a spray booth click here.

When hanging on the spray rack, the cabinet doors are easy to rotate, making for a quicker and less messy process. But the metal hangers themselves do not swivel. This is great because you can space your cabinets closer together on the drying rack, without worrying about them bumping into each other. These hangers are also more durable and will literally last you a life time of spraying cabinets. The spray rack also has a place to set your gun, keeping it right where it needs to be when transitioning doors to the drying rack.

In this kit you will receive one spraying rack, three drying racks, and 50 door hangers. This is enough equipment to complete any project. Click here for a closer look or to purchase.


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