My First Love

I am asked time and time again what the best sprayer for beginners is. I know that spray equipment is very personal. But for me, and what I needed out of a sprayer, the Titan 440i did the job. This was my very first sprayer, and is what we know today as the Titan 440 Impact. I bought this sprayer about 17 years ago now, and it is still purring away on the job site today. She is my first love… well… maybe not my first actual love… but in terms of painting equipment she was my #1.

This sprayer is simple and easy to operate, which makes it PERFECT for beginners. When I decided to invest in this sprayer, there was no YouTube. I did not have “The Idaho Painter” ready at my finger tips to help me. I had to learn through trial and error. And like I said, this sprayer was pretty “dumby” proof. The biggest struggle I had was knowing which tip size to utilize for which project. And that came later as I practiced and learned.

A great way to get acquainted with your new sprayer, is to paint your own house. That is what I did. It was a disaster. But I learned from it and it allowed me to get better and better. My daughter has bought and now lives in that house. It has continued to be an educational tool because my guys have gone out and painted it since. It served as a great learning experience for them as it did for myself. A great way to educate new guys is to allow them to come and work on your house. Whether the exterior, living room, deck, fence, or cabinets need painting, this provides a safe teaching space for them.

To wrap this baby up, I realize there are many great sprayers out there. I know the Titan 440 Impact is not a one spray wonder. I have done new construction with her, but I don’t do new construction often. If new construction is your gig, you may want to invest in the Titan 1140, or a bigger rig that can easily support larger tip sizes. However, the Titan 440 is the perfect pump for painters who are just getting their feet wet. And it will last you a life time.

Sure you can pick up a cheap entry level sprayer at Home Depot for $300 to $400. But these are just that….cheap. Made for the average home owner who just has one or two projects to spray, they will not last you long. Why not invest in something that will stick around for a while and earn its keep?

I have used this pump on a daily basis for going on 17 years now. And we run her like a work horse. She has not failed me yet and has brought in quite a lot of money. I have had more time to spend doing the things I love because of her efficiency. She has even put two of my girls through college. And she currently is paying for my third daughters education as well. So take the leap and try her out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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