Making Efficient Team Members

I know that there is a great divide between painters who use tape, and those who do not. Many think that using tapes means you are not a “real painter”. What I have never understood is why people don’t utilize the tools and technologies that are available to better themselves? They are not here to replace skill, but to make your life and job run easier. Yes, you should know how to cut in a straight line. EVERY painter should know how to cut in a line, and it’s something that should be taught and perfected. But what are they going to do to help make the job site more efficient in the mean time? Stand and watch the paint dry? No, this is just one of many ways painters tape can help make your job site run more efficiently.

If you can teach a man how to tape and caulk, he will get a crisp and clean line every time… at any skill level… Tape is your friend, and it can make a new apprentice what he is not quite yet. Yes, continue to teach and help him develop his craft, but in the mean time teach him to utilize tape to keep the job site running efficiently. He can practice his cut ins, even with the tape being down. But now he has a little extra insurance in case he muddles it up.

The great thing about using Frog Tape in particular is that it has unique swelling technology on its inner lining. What this means is that when moisture hits it, it swells, creating a tight seal and barrier from paint sneaking underneath. No need to worry about bleed through. We have tried many different kinds of tape with our caulking method. Frog Tape beats all of the others each and every time. It really is a great product, and we keep it stocked up in all of our vans. Again, it is very beginner friendly, and I know I can trust any guy on the job to utilize it effectively. Click here to see a video comparing different tapes.

Another benefit of utilizing painters tape is that it allows you the ability to spray. We all know that spraying saves time and energy. Yes, there is a place for it and a place to brush and roll. But you cannot deny that in many instances, spraying is the way to go. Tape will help protect the areas that you do not want sprayed. Making your job run more smoothly and efficiently. You can rest assured that when you peel that tape off, your trim will be protected and have a beautifully crisp line.

We have countless videos on Paint Life TV showing our various methods and how we utilize tape on the job. Below is just one of many. If you have not learned how to utilize tape, yet, it is definitely a skill I have found worth investing time in learning. And if you have not tried the green Frog Tape, you are missing out.



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