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So you are trying to save time and labor when painting with a roller? I have a few tips and tricks to share with you to help make more money in a shorter amount of time with keeping that labor percentage low, and here is how. 

Have you heard of the Titan inner-fed roller? Well buckle up because this simple tool may just make you thousands more than what you are making now. When I first heard of this new roller from Titan I thought “oh please, I bet it is a pile of junk and a bigger waste of time to clean and get set up then just a normal roller.” Stubborn and not willing to see past my own will that maybe this roller could be better and faster than me. I kept the inner-fed roller in my vans for a couple years before I decided one day to make a video rolling a ceiling with my fellow employee and see who was faster  because who doesn’t like a little competition. He was using a normal 18” roller while I tried out the inner-fed roller and we had thirty minutes to finish the same amount of ceiling. As the video starts the opponent immediately starts rushing his work and going as fast as he can while I was relaxed and just rolling the ceiling effortlessly. As our time was up he was out of breath, sweating and tired while I didn’t even break a sweat because I had put barely any effort in. The roller did all the work for me and this is how. 

The Titan Inner-fed roller runs off an airless sprayer, with this advantage, there is no need to keep re-dipping your roller in a pan for more paint because the airless sprayer pumps paint out of the roller itself. The roller attaches to a gun that is angled so that there is room for your hand resting on the trigger. Inside the roller is called a manifold which is what the paint is fed through.  The manifold fills up the roller cover and it comes out through small holes in the roller. When you pull the trigger it continually wets the roller saving the time of dipping the roller in a pan. One of the best parts about this roller is there is no need for a dedicated gun because it takes a standard airless gun. The gun I am using is a Titan RX Pro Gun and I also have it on a Titan 440 impact airless sprayer. You do have an option of using an inline gun instead of a standard airless spray gun.  The pressure I am keeping it at is low, around 400 PSI depending on the paint of course. There is no need for a big pump, something small works perfectly. The extension pole I am using with this important tool is very sturdy and doesn’t wobble around when reaching up high. 

After using this roller I could not believe how long I went without it, saving so much effort and time I was amazed to see how much faster rolling became. Naturally Journeyman John and I wanted to calculate the actual percentage of time that this saved compared to hand rolling and we did the math and concluded that is 225 times faster and more efficient than hand rolling. Did you read that right, 225 times faster than hand rolling. This tool is effortless and time saving. With this new tool you will be able to roll walls and ceilings 225 times faster, saving you labor costs while finishing jobs quicker making you more money to be able to fit in more jobs than you were before.  

Another pro that comes along with this roller is it only took me 10 minutes to clean.  Again, I admit I was a little wrong when I thought that this clean up time would take 3 times longer than it actually did. To clean it I simply threw away the roller because I like to use a new one with each job but if you want to save money you can simply spray it out in a 5 gallon bucket. Watch my video on how I clean roller CLICK HERE. The gun can be cleaned like any other gun, keep it attached to the airless sprayer and run water through it until it is clear. Since the airless sprayer doesn’t have to be a dedicated one to this roller you can keep that routine of cleaning it the same. The only difference with this roller is the manifold has to be taken out and put into a bucket to be sprayed clean, easy as that. 

This tool is a must have, you can check it out with the LINK HERE and learn more. I highly recommend it if you are trying to push more jobs into your schedule to make more money. These are some of my simple tricks I use to make my job more efficient and effortless, hope these tricks work with you as well.  

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