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For decades, painters have been cleaning and storing airless spray gun components in many different ways. The process has always been messy and time consuming – sorting, finding the right part among others, hoping it will be clean and ready for use when located. Tipsaver, is an innovative and easy-to-use tool that relieves the frustration with sprayer tips and reduces the loss of time spent caring for your money-making equipment. Along with increased efficiency, you’ll be protecting your investment in tips, guards and filters by keeping your components organized and clean while you’re out working and making money.


Welcome Tipsaver to your daily process!  


The Tipsaver process is not complicated. You simply fit tips, housings and gun filters into holding slots in a custom molded plastic device and submerge the device in your desired cleaning solution for 24/7 storage. When spray components are needed, simply pull out what you need from the Tipsaver. Your parts will be readily available - no more wasted time struggling with crusted, plugged or misplaced components. Upon completion of your spray session, place all related parts back into the Tipsaver and walk away until next time when they’ll be clean, organized and ready to use again. 


The Tipsaver holds 13 tips, two housing guards and four gun filters. Storing favorite tips on the top plate and less frequently used tips on the bottom plate will help inform when to replace your sprayer accessories. Equipment housed in this organized way will also allow tracking of each component’s time life. With Tipsaver, you could realize an approximate saving of 25% by extending the useful life of your equipment. 


A simple, three step snap-together assembly, along with remarkable durability, contribute to Tipsaver’s advantages. The product is built with chemical resistant HDPE plastic that allows you to use whatever cleaner is appropriate for your cleaning process. An added advantage is the reduction of your exposure to harmful chemicals from other methods of cleaning. 


The Tipsaver was designed by Alpha Products, LLC, a team composed of painters and architects who manufacture technology and goods for the painting industry. Alpha Products, LLC has plans to release more innovative ideas and great products for painters in the future. Tipsaver has partnered with Chris Berry, The Idaho Painter, and PaintLife Pro to continue to show you ways to work smarter, not harder.

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