How to Install Wallpaper

While on our recent trip to the UK, I had the honor of meeting Pete. Pete is a master at wallpapering. Some might even go as far as to say he’s THE master of wallpapering… among other things. We made a few videos together and in the process I learned a lot about wallpaper installation and the best tools to make the process easier.

The first thing we talked about was tools. Just like painting, the quality of the job often depends on having the right tools and knowing how to use them. Pete said that you can buy all of the tools you will need to wallpaper for roughly $50-$60. That’s a small investment for something that is bound to bring in a lot of revenue.

First you will need a wall papering brush. This brush should be made out of bristle for easy cleaning, and will be used to smooth the wallpaper out once on the wall. Next, every wallpaper master needs a good pair of long sheer scissors, as well as a spirit level or a plumb bob. The level will ensure straight lines every time. This tool will be an essential in your wallpaper installation kit. You will also need a seam roller to smooth down your seams. 

Another essential tool will be your spatula. This is what you will use for a guide in trimming your wallpaper. Just place along the edge and cut a smooth, straight line. Which brings me to our next tool, a knife. You can use any knife, but one that we love due to its great multi-purpose is the 2-edge 5-in-1 knife.

Next you will need a pasting brush to apply paste… obviously. You CAN use a roller, and some people do. But Pete has found that using a brush is faster and more precise. And I trust his advice, because as stated above he is the Jedi equivalent of a wallpaper installer.

One thing I will add before moving on is that here in America most of our walls are textured with orange peel. I brought this up to Pete and he advised smoothing down the walls first, either by sanding or plastering over the textured walls. It is important to have a smooth surface in order for the wallpaper to lay correctly and be seamless. So that is something to keep in mind when it comes to building your installation kit.

So there you have it. Six tools and a tip to get you started on your wallpapering adventures. Now that you know what you’ll need to install wallpaper, you should join us next time to learn how to tear it down.

Watch full video below. 

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