Building Brand Awareness

 Building Brand Awareness: 6 Marketing Tips for Building a Multi-Million Dollar Painting Empire

Written By: Chris Berry, The Idaho Painter


Perception is reality. If you look like a multi-million dollar business, then people are going to treat you like you’re the owner of a multi-million dollar business. The polished and professional contractor is the one that gets the bigger projects, the one that people are less likely to haggle you over price, the one that people feel confident to refer to their friends. 

Your brand is more than just a logo and a name, it’s what people think and say about you when you are not in the room. Therefore, you want to create a consistent, premium-quality brand image that highlights what makes your brand unique. Here’s the thing, looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost you a million bucks. Here are six brand-building marketing and advertising tactics that separate the shleppers from the superstars.

#1 Yard Signs: Make your yard signs simple, easy to read with only the most important information about your business. Key information you need to have on your yards signs is your phone number, website, and the words “Free Estimate.” I prefer high quality metal yard signs, the same as realtors usually use. Purchase 5 signs and make an internal sign check out form so you can keep track of where all of your signs are located. Placing signs at a 90 degree angle to the face of the house makes them visible to drivers from five houses away.

#2 Vehicle Wraps:
Make your vehicle a moving billboard - use large lettering and make it simple to read. You want everyone who sees your vehicle to be able to gather what you do and key information on how to get ahold of you. Make sure to have your phone number and “Free Estimates” large and easily readable as well as your website.

#3 Door Hangers: Make sure the door hangers let the reader know you are in their neighborhood painting. Putting a picture of you as the company owner or your team creates a personal connection and add information that makes you easily accessible like phone number, website, and “Free Estimates.” Hang one on the 5 houses to the left and right of the house you are working on and 10 houses on the opposite side of the street.

#4 Let Them Know You Are Coming: One week prior to starting a job, enter the jobsite address in and gather addresses of the neighboring houses to the house you are working on. 10 to the left, 10 to the right, and 20 across the street. Now that you have cut and pasted or written these addresses down, send each address a newsletter letting them know you are working in the neighborhood and will be offering free estimates and discounts while working in the area.

#5 Touch Up Kits: When a job is complete, leave a customized touch up kit. Nothing looks more unprofessional than leaving a pile of paint and telling the customer “here is your leftover paint.” Make a kit that is in a box with pint or quart cans with your logo sticker on each can. Leave all necessary information for the customer to be able to take the paint to the local paint store and get the exact same product with no difficulties. Nothing will frustrate a customer more than going on a hunt for colors or products used on their house. Make sure the box contains your logo, phone number and website. I purchased my boxes and cups from

#6 Branded Clothing: Why wear shirts that promote your local paint store when you can make a small investment and have shirts and hats that promote your own brand? You need to understand why the paint companies are willing to give you free shirts. They understand the small investment goes a long way in promoting their brand. This is a simple investment in creating or increasing your brand awareness. Wear your own branded shirts and hats on every job site. A hat adds a professional look that your customers will notice and appreciate. I have even added my own branded patches sewn on pants pockets. If you want to be treated like a professional, you need to dress like a professional.

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