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Are you looking for tips on how to step up your painting portfolio and give a customer something they dreamed of? From concrete to Liquid Suede to Metallic Glass decorative coatings, the options are endless. Today I am going to show you a new decorative coating that I am trying out on a customers bay window that they wanted to be an accent wall but not just an ordinary accent wall, a Paint Life Pro Liquid Suede wall with a random brushed effect. This coating will brighten up the room and leave the window looking luxurious and more expensive than the customer paid for. Keep reading for more information on this awesome decorative finish from Boero Coatings and the Paint Life Team. Yep a custom coating from Paint Life Pro now called Liquid Suede.

The first step to any finish is too undercoat with an eggshell finish the same color as your Liquid Suede and let that completely dry. Once the under-coat is dry the fun begins. I will be using Boero’s branded Paint Life Pro Liquid Suede color MS Pearl 6220 to complete this project. The tools needed for this DIY project is a 4” or 6” mini microfiber roller, a couple different sized paint brushes, a pan for the paint, 1½” Frogtape for outer edges, a 2-Edge 5-In-1 tool for the cuts-in and the taping, and a Boero flex trowel. You can find these tools on the Paint Life Pro store at For a small project like this you will only need two quarts, this product goes a long way and you do not need a lot of it. To see this project in action watch our video Liquid Suede.

For the prep I like to take a microfiber towel and wet it to pre-wet my mini roller so I get any and all lose fibers off of it. With my FrogTape, I tape off my edges I don’t want to be painted. Once I have this done I’ll take my damp roller and start rolling it in my pan filled with Liquid Suede and start rolling it on randomly. I start in the corners by jamming the roller up into the tape. I always like to work my way down so I start high and roll low, once I have enough space covered I will take my soft brush and start using random 3” brush strokes throughout so all the stippling from the roller goes away. You’ll want to start off in small sections because this coating dries fast so getting to brushing it before it dries is crucial.

Working with Liquid Suede coatings is nice because I can start today and come back tomorrow to finish and you would not know since it doesn’t leave a harsh lines. Liquid is easy to blend into each consecutive pass. It is important that if the desired look is random brush strokes, the rolling is random as well. I like to keep it in a sweeping or looping motion with the roller so that there is no pattern in my finish. Once I have my first coat done I will let it dry and start on a second coat. The cool thing about this product is one coat is enough and I can leave as is or I can use a second coat and perfect it even more.

If you are struggling with the Liquid Suede drying faster than you can brush it, you can always add a Boero Long Open Time Glaze to the product to help slow that dry time. You will only need half a quart of this for a gallon. Once you finish the wall and it is dry, peel off that tape and look at the amazing work you did. The accent wall I did only took about an hour and a half to do. It does not take long and the results come back looking phenomenal.

I have many videos on how to install and apply these different kinds of coatings from Boero including Liquid Suede, Liquid Glass, and Metallic Glass on my YouTube channel Paint Life TV. If you enjoyed this article and want to see my finished results the video link is above. Thanks for reading you can find more of my articles on my Pinterest page IdahoPainter.

Chris Berry
The Idaho Painter

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